I am a self-taught artist enjoying working in a variety of media, capturing those moments that inspire me as an artist and hopefully strike a similar chord with the viewer.  I have dabbled for a number of years but have taken up the full time artist challenge in the last few years.

I’ve headed my blog “The Pen is Lighter than the Sword (and so is a brush for that matter)”. The statement sums up my feelings as an artist. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword but those who live by the pen/brush might have their creations hanging in major galleries around the world long after they’ve died. So if you are a major gallery owner reading this blog please visit my website where you can purchase my artworks and hang them BEFORE I die.

ART – You can either love it or leave it.  To quote one commentator “If it’s absolutely useless then it must be art” ! A fairly provocative statement, but then what artwork that has achieved commercial success and widespread appeal isn’t provocative or controversial. Don’t overlook creativity and skill if the result isn’t to your liking. Move on – there are plenty of alternatives available.

Controversial my artworks may not be at this stage but who knows what tomorrow may bring. So please visit my website and have a look around. After you’ve visited for the first time feel free to visit again. You never know, subsequent visits may reveal more controversial artwork than previous visits.

Iawa-nyinami, Chibanda, Pau, Paix, Peace to all (peace in different dialects)


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