Whatever your position happens to be on the issue of Global Warming there will ALWAYS be two sides to the argument. Like every issue to do with human existence there will always be a divide.  Like male and female, democrat and republican, liberal and labour (Australian Politics), creation and evolution both sides will bang heads based on what they believe.

So, I found this light hearted extract from a post by Steve Goreham on the site Watts Up With That. It’s a great site that uncovers and debunks some of the stuff that passes for climate truth.

The full article is a good read. To view the complete article click on the heading below.


Posted on February 27, 2013 by Anthony Watts

Guest Post by Steve Goreham

Originally published in The Washington Times.

Last week I received a “Home Energy Report” flyer from Commonwealth Edison, my electricity provider in northern Illinois. The leaflet compared my energy usage to neighbors over the last two months and declared, “You used 41% MORE electricity than your efficient neighbors.” Should I be concerned about this?

My wife and I use energy, but don’t waste it. For years I’ve driven my family batty, turning off lights in vacated rooms. During the summer, my wife dries laundry in the sunshine, rather than in the dryer. We also have many of the compact fluorescent bulbs. We take these measures to lower our energy bills, not for other motives.

Isn’t it odd that ComEd, a company in the energy business, is encouraging their customers not to use it? Imagine a mailer from Coca-Cola pointing out that you drank 41% MORE soft drinks than your neighbor. Or a letter sent from Apple telling you that you needed to reduce your iPhone and iPad purchases.

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