New research data based on over 10 years’ of study of one of the most southerly populations of polar bears in the world was published in the British Ecological Society’s Journal of Animal Ecology. According to the study, the polar bear population is struggling to cope with climate-induced changes to sea ice and sheds new light on how sea ice conditions drive polar bears’ annual migration on and off the ice.

The study lead by Dr Seth Cherry of the University of Alberta, the team studied polar bears in western Hudson Bay, where sea ice melts completely each summer and typically re-freezes from late November to early December. An interesting observation from the research team identified – Polar bears have adapted to the annual loss of sea ice by migrating onto land each summer. While there, they cannot hunt seals and must rely on fat reserves to see them through until the ice returns.

The full article, and particularly the “10 reasons why we shouldn’t worry” about the polar bear in the Hudson Bay region provides the reader with the necessary balance when it comes to Climate Change induced claims.

The full article can be accessed at WATTS UP WITH THAT. Meanwhile the poster and brief excerpt below paint a rosy picture of the polar bear population and is regarded as a conservation success story.


Fat polar bears (Ursus Maritimus Obesus) -vs- CFACT

The press release below is from Wiley, where they worry that the polar bear can’t find enough sea ice. Meanwhile, billboards proclaim the uptick in polar bear numbers thanks to conservation efforts and other factors. See below for 10 reasons to consider why we shouldn’t worry. – Anthony


For polar bears, it’s survival of the fattest

(Image courtesy CFACT.org

CFACT writes on their webpage:

The polar bear invasion

While many people believe that polar bears are in danger because of global warming, it might surprise them to learn that polar bear numbers have actually quadrupled in recent decades. Such news is no surprise to residents of Churchill, Manitoba, however, who are experiencing an invasion of polar bears in their town.

According to reports, polar bears are commonly seen walking down Churchill’s main street, and people have learned to leave their cars unlocked so they can quickly duck inside if one approaches. It’s gotten so bad, in fact, that dogs are routinely being eaten, a polar bear hotline has been created, and kids cannot go out trick or treating without a parent packing a shotgun for protection.

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